Hervé Lombaert

Canada Research Chair

Prof – Research Scientist
ETS Montreal – Inria Sophia-Antipolis

(Currently in Eastern Time)

Hiring: (2) PhD, (1) Postdoc

Several topics in Medical Image Analysis:
Geometry / Uncertainty / Probability / Learning-based algorithms

[ more at: https://hlombaert.etsmtl.ca/jobs.php ]

Short Bio

Associate Professor (2017 —) @ ETS Montreal,
working on Geometric Data Analysis in Medical Imaging.

Starting Research Scientist (2015 —) @ Inria,
working on Shape & Image Analysis in Medical Imaging.

Postdoc Fellow (2013-2015) @ InriaMicrosoft Research,
working on Statistical Learning in Medical Imaging, with N. Ayache & A. Criminisi.

Postdoc Fellow (2012-2013) @ McGill University,
working on Shapes in Medical Imaging, with K. Siddiqi.

Ph.D. (2012) @ Polytechnique MontréalSiemensInria,
working on the Variability of Complex Anatomical Structures,
with F. Cheriet, L. Grady, H. Delingette & N. Ayache.

External Profiles: Google Scholar
(Pronounciation: Lom-bart)

Research Topics

Spectral Graph Theory

Shape Analysis

Geometric Learning

Medical Image Analysis

Riemannian Geometry



Diffusion Imaging


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